10 Fun Facts about Maple Syrup

1. High in antioxidants.
2. No preservatives.
3. Good source of manganese, zinc and calcium.
4. Good source of vitamin A, B, B2, B5.
5. Good source of folic acid.
6. Boost Immune system.
7. Helps to maintain a healthy heart.
8. Promotes male fertility.
9. Fights chronic diseases.
10 Helps manage diabetes.

Did you know?
The darker the colour, the stronger the flavour. It also depends on the season the maple gets harvest, so if it gets harvest too early the colour will be light. The most popular maple syrup used in cooking and baking is known as; Grade A Medium Amber  and Grade A Dark Amber.

15 Fun Facts about Honey

1. 1 Tbsp = 64 calories.
2. Honey can never go bad when it is stored in an airtight container.
3. 1 pound of honey = pollen from approx. 2 million flowers.
4. Honey is the only food that contains pinocembrin, an antioxidant which is involved with improving brain function.
5. Honey is the only food that contains all substances that humans need to live, which are: water, minerals, enzymes, & vitamins.
6. Honey can be used to treat rashes, infections, allergies, & stomach ulcers.
7. The taste of honey depends on the type of flower pollen used to make it.
8. Honey can be used to treat acne & dry skin.
9. Immune booster.
10. Energy booster.
11. Promotes better sleep.
12. Rich in antioxidants.
13. Improves digestion.
14. Sooths a sore throat.
15. Helps to sober up.

Did you know?
Two tablespoons of honey is enough to fuel a single bee to fly around the world once.



6 Fun Facts about Coconut Sugar

1. 1 Tsp = 15 calories (1 calorie less than white sugar)
2. More nutrient rich than regular sugar.
3. Low glycemic impact.
4. Low environmental impact.
5. Gluten free.
6. Hypoallergenic.

Did you know?
Coconut sugar is the only sweetener containing nitrogen. Agave syrup, honey, maple syrup and refined white sugar contain no nitrogen, while brown sugar still offers nitrogen but it’s so low.
Nitrogen is essential for heart health and is often used to help treat cardiovascular disease.

10 Fun Facts about Black Molasses

1. High in iron.
2. Rich in antioxidants.
3. Helps manage weight.
4. Promotes good bone health.
5. High in calcium.
6. Helps reduce frizz in hair.
7. Promotes good skin & hair health.
8. Helps prevent and relieve PMS symptoms.
9. Helps relieve constipation.
10. Helps lower blood pressure.

Did you know?

Black molasses contains the lowest amount of sugar of any sugar cane product.

10 Fun Facts about Dates

1. Helps with constipation.
2. Can help with weight gain, and prevents over-slimming when incorporated into a balanced diet.
3. Helps increase sexual stamina.
4. Helps control diarrhea.
5. Helps relieve drunkenness.
6. Can help prevent abdominal cancer.
7. Promotes cardiovascular health.
8. Relieves the symptoms of seasonal allergies.
9. Boosts energy.
10. High in iron.

Did you know?

According to many scholars, Eve did not eat an apple in the Garden of Eden, but a date.